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Experience the future of Community Building.

Building Athlete Reputations with Digital Badges by Activelink.

Digital badges are revolutionizing how athletes bookmark their sports journey, enhancing their reputation within the community. These digital assets highlight achievements,create shareable moments, and serve as a testament to an athlete’s dedication and progress. Digital assets are the building blocks for new value streams within the sports ecosystem. From a single digital badge, an athlete can highlight their experience, connect with peers, and unlock unique experiences.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Digital badges provide instant recognition and can     be shared on social media, boosting an athlete's profile and reputation,     as well as the property that issued the digital badge.
  • Community Building: These digital assets by Activelinkconnect sports     properties and athletes, fostering a stronger, more engaged community and     paving the way for future opportunities.

Digital badges are considered the next generation connective tissue between sports properties and athletes around the global sports community.


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